Sage- Ontario Craft Jam

Sage- Ontario Craft jam is a new business that began in the fall. We sell home made jams, jellies, and preserves. We have three different categories for our products. The first is our Craft Beer Infused jam. We use local Ontario beers to create unique style of preserve. Next is our traditional Newfoundland recipes, handed down through the generations from my Nan who is responsible for inspiring this business venture which is a great fit for 2017 being Canada’s birthday. The third style of jam we sell is our healthiest option. We use agar to thicken our products and because of that only minimal amounts of raw sugar is used.

Sage- Ontario Craft Jam
Daniel  Ballard

Nepean, Ontario


Jalapeno jello, Nan's sandwich spread, Strawberry rububard jam, Blueberry jam, Apple butter, Rasberry jam, Broadhead blueberry jam, Spicy apple IPA jam, Coffee and stout jelly and Spiced plum and barley wine jam.

Dates Sage- Ontario Craft Jam will be at the Cumberland Farmers’ Market

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